Imagine bringing your new baby home and knowing that your whole family was going to be cared for kindly and expertly.

Imagine that your focus could be on your connection with this brand new human, and not the... everything else. 

A Maine Doulas postpartum doula can allow you some breathing room with emotional support and tips for putting your unique parenting techniques into practice, as well as basic household care. 

A Maine Doulas Postpartum doula can ease the transition into parenthood with non-judgemental, non-medical support and companionship.

You receive this care in your home in the days, weeks, and months following birth. We do not put a time limit on this care. We don't want you to simply maintain, we want you to thrive.


Ways to help ease the transition: 

  • Guidance with baby care and development; sleeping, feeding, dressing, bathing, behavior
  • Making your physical and emotional recovery from birth a priority
  • Helping to facilitate newborn-parent bonding in those early whirlwind days
  • Helping discern and implement YOUR unique parenting style
  • Culinary nourishing, meal planning, meal preparation by a ServSafe certified chef
  • Household organization and simple chores, such as baby laundry, dishes or shopping
  • Getting systems in place to help you succeed and relax
  • Emotional encouragement, affirmation
  • Birth story listening
  • Sibling care and adjustment
  • Massage
  • Belly wrapping and abdominal support
  • Hospital support if your baby or babies are in NICU

Overnight Care may include:

  • Bringing baby to you for breastfeeding
  • Bottle-feeding baby
  • Changing diapers
  • Establishing healthy rhythm for the day and night
  • Organizing and tidying nursery
  • Tender care of your newborn while you get the rest you need to recover and keep your home healthy and happy

Our first meeting will establish your needs and develop a plan for our time together based on what is important to you. A postpartum doula's role changes as your needs change. As through labor, the key to excellent postpartum care is a steady presence offering evidence-based information and encouragement. Sometimes a postpartum doula is confused with a baby nurse. A baby nurse's primary focus is on the baby's care, while the doula is focused on the recovery and connection of the entire family and household.


How does it work?

  • Hourly – We offer packages from 4-2,000 or more hours. These packages are great for daytime, overnight, evenings or weekend support. Scheduled in advance, but customized to your needs.

  • Short-term live-in (24/7) care for 1-7 days – We can be there when you bring your baby home from the hospital to begin that transition with grace. Be confident, well-rested, supported and completely pampered. 

  • Long-term live-in (24/7) care – We will custom create postpartum packages based on your specific and individual needs. Request a consultation to learn more about how we can work with you.