Michaela is a thoughtful, compassionate person who has spent most of her life caring for others in many different capacities. This desire has been constant and has taken her over different paths through the years. In her 20’s, Michaela spent time as a nanny becoming very close to the children and their parents, forging close friendships. Throughout this time Michaela aspired to find a professional career that would allow her to work with families and care for young children. She received her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education in 2009. Shortly after graduating she worked in a preschool setting with children diagnosed with Autism. During that time Michaela realized that she excelled in working closely with the parents of these young children. Having worked as a teacher for three years, she realized that she wanted to find work that would mostly focus on the needs of the parents of these children. Towards that goal, Michaela started working as a community case manager. Her job duties entailed working closely with families to access services for their children diagnosed with autism, developmental disabilities and other medical conditions. Mentoring them she would give them skills so they could continue to advocate for their children on their own.

Michaela continued to work in this role after she had her first child. After her second child was born, she decided to take some time to be at home with both of her children. During this time many of her friends and family also became new mothers and fathers. Michaela found herself counseling these new parents. She was guiding them through the transition to this new, exciting yet at times very challenging role. As her children grew older, Michaela found she was ready to get back into the workforce. She learned about becoming a Postpartum Doula. After training to become certified as a Postpartum Doula and working closely with families, Michaela knew that becoming a Postpartum Doula was her calling.

Michaela feels that it is important to include the entire family in her work when helping them transition into parenthood. There can be many questions and concerns from both the mother and the father and/or partner as well as an older sibling. Michaela works closely with each partner (and child) to ensure a smooth transition into becoming a family. Michaela currently lives in Portland with her husband, Brice, and two children ages 5 and 2. In addition to her time spent as a Doula, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.