Why is everyone talking about doulas?
What is a doula?
Is a doula a good fit for the type of birth I’m planning?
Do they replace my birth partner?
I have a midwife; can a doula still be a benefit to my experience?
Will my OB let me have a doula?
How do they help after baby arrives?
How much do they cost?

Doulas 101 in Portland


Doulas 101 May

Join us May 12th at 3pm for a relaxed, informative class to learn about doula care through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Your $5 per couple registration fee goes towards our annual diaper drive supporting the JCA! Thank you!

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If you have questions about doula support, Doulas 101 is your class! This engaging and informative class allows you to ask specific questions of experienced doulas, while learning all the details of having a doula on your birth team. Take the pressure out of meeting doulas and discussing your options.