Preparing for birth with HypnoBirthing isn’t about birthing in any particular manner (either at home or in hospital; with medication or without). It’s not a competition; it’s a rite of passage. For me, a hypnobirth is about labouring confidently and understanding what’s important to you, knowing how to make the right decisions for you on the day, and understanding that birth is a unique event every time it happens. You have the right birth for you under any circumstances, when you are well prepared. You can have a positive experience of birth regardless of *how* your baby is born.
Feel supported, respected, informed and confident as you prepare for your birth!
— Natalie, Maine Doulas founder

All class fees include the HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method book and MP3s for home practice. 

Course includes:

* Your own copy of the 302-page book, HypnoBirthing– The Mongan Method
*  4 information-packed class meetings, helping you to understand why labor doesn’t have to hurt
*  5 professionally written scripts for home practice
*  MP3s for your relaxation, stress reduction, and bonding (Including the program cornerstone disk, Rainbow Relaxation)
*  Handouts for planning your Birth Preferences
*  A set of birth prompts for your birth companion
*  Demonstration and practice in optimal birth positions
*  A  hypnotic session in building birth confidence and eliminating fears
*  A Guide to good pregnancy nutrition
*  Several deep relaxation techniques for use during birth
*  Well-paced instruction designed to build your confidence and help you to have a safer, easier, and more comfortable birth
* Special calm breathing methods for use throughout labor and during birthing

When you change the way you view birth, how you birth will change
— Marie Mongan


We teach the original HypnoBirthing® method developed by Marie Mongan which is relaxed, naturally focused childbirth education. It is a comprehensive childbirth course teaching specific techniques to access your instinctual birthing body which knows how to birth safely and gently

Your partner will also learn how to support you through labour. HypnoBirthing does not promise that your birth will be pain free, but approximately 70% of women using HypnoBirthing experience a comfortable birth. HypnoBirthing can be used anywhere you choose to birth; in a hospital, birth center or in your home. 

While your body does possess the intuition to birth this way, understanding our modern and local birth culture, customs and care is key to your success. This series covers all original course material as well as offering additional techniques to insure you are confident using HypnoBirthing® through your labour in the venue you've chosen here in Southern Maine.  As soon as your registration is complete, you will also have the benefit of personalized mentorship in your HypnoBirthing practice.