One Choice Many Overlook In Pregnancy

One choice many aren't making in pregnancy, Maine Doulas.png

If you are pregnant, you are at a crossroads: Life before making millions of decisions for another person, and life after. The choices start as soon as you think you are pregnant. Walking down the pharmacy aisle to buy a pregnancy test confronts you with 3, 4, 5+ options for types of tests you could take!

However, one of the most influential components of your delivery gets overlooked.

Whom will you choose to be your care provider?

When you pause and imagine what your ideal birth looks and feels like, what do you see?

Do you need the reassurance of having a specialized team of neonatologists close? Or do you hope for your surroundings to feel less institutional?

Do you feel secure with your OBGYN and love how your relationship has grown over the years? Or are you curious about a midwife for your delivery?

Asking these questions to strangers on an online forum may get you choices others have made or wished they'd made, but rarely is there a chance to have information presenting without bias.

We want you to know that we are here for you.

Before you find out you are pregnant, once you know, or even once you've started your prenatal care, it is never too late to have a conversation about options and what would be a good fit for you.

If you are curious about labor options, or providers who may be a good fit for your goals, we here at Maine Doulas have a long history of working with medical providers to help our clients. Share your plans with us, and we can walk you through some planning options to help take the fear and hesitation out of one of the choices that will be a part of your birth memory forever!

One of the people in that elusive “Village” everyone talks about includes the professionals who will be responsible for you and your baby's health. Not every decision as a parent will require you to be actively weighing the pros and cons. However, we hope that of all the decisions to make, choosing the person or group who will be supervising your child's birth should be anything but a passive.