Music That Is Great For Kids and Adults

Music for kids and adults Maine doulas.png

Are you feeling cabin fever? Need help getting everyone moving while the winter weeks press on?

Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music...the options are really endless.  But there is something wonderfully blissful about putting an album on and not needing to worry about what will pop up next and if it will be appropriate for the kids.

Here are suggestions for what to play in the house, (or if you are able to get out of the house and into the car ) these are great for kids and adults too!

They Might Be Giants, NO Maine Doulas.jpg

No! - They Might Be Giants

The kids don’t even know they are learning thing when listening to TMBG. And this is another great album of theirs where you will be bobbing your head along with your kid. Get weird together and make some memories.

Mary Had a Little Amp Maine Doulas.jpg

Mary Had a Little Amp - Various Artist

Hear some of the biggest names going down memory lane with classics from your childhood. Maroon 5, Madonna, R.E.M. and others have fun with remixes of these favorites.

Bedtime With the Beatles.jpg

Bedtime with the Beatles - Jason Falkner

Careful if you make it out of the house with this one, because this is snooze town. These instrumental classics help to unwind the day, and keep you focused on just how good it feels to close your eyes and really listen to the melody of your favorite Beatles songs.



Jack Johnson is aways a fun time with is beachy tunes and laid back energy.

Jewel The Merry Goes Round.jpg

The Merry Goes Round - Jewel

Oh Jewel - If you are a parent, there is a good chance you had angst memories with Jewel music as the soundtrack in your youth. Enjoy her lilt and quivering voice with songs that are peaceful, and memorable.


Not for Kids Only, David Grisman Jerry Garcia

This is simply a fun album that has lasted the test of time. Originally reals ease in 1993, it is still a blast and is fun. Put this on and see where it takes you.