Ug...Sick Kids. Colds and Flu are here.

Maine doulas sick kids round up.png

We know you know what is happening, because it may seem you can't escape it. It's sick kid mean winter. So here is a handy short round-up of the stuff to consider when you are trying to keep the sickness at bay!

1. Clothes

If your kid/kids are around other people for parts of the day in enclosed areas (think school, daycare, museums, public transportation, etc.) when they get home get them out of the "germy clothes" and into something clean. This paired with our next item will help with a majority of free transportation your children may be offering those little critters right under your nose!

2. For real, wash your hands, and theirs!

With little people, washing hands is a monumental task. Pulling up sleeves, using the soap, "we're not playing right now," and such. But getting you and your kids into the routine of washing your hands when you get home from being away, AND more often than normal, AND ESPECIALLY after using the bathroom will keep the germs where they belong, in a watery coffin away from your face.

To help with this feat, we suggest making your home handwashing friendly: step stools, easy to use faucet handles, and fun soap. Kids love the kind that foams! And look at this...a cool kick starter for an interesting soap kids would love!

3. Coughing Etiquette

It is never too early to teach your child to cover their nose and mouth when they sneeze and cough. When tissues aren't close, and they need to forcibly explode in this way, help them learn to use their elbow/arm over their face to keep their Ewwww from flying all over the room. (And using that exact terminology can help.)

4. Fevers

Ug, fevers can be so complicated. But let's take a minute to remember that having a temperature isn't all in out a bad sign. It means your child's defense mechanism is working and they are using their own system to help fight those unwanted visitors. If your child goes to a daycare or school, follow their guidelines for when to keep your child home, but usually, anything over 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit means they need to rest and be kept apart from their classmates, AND everyone else! Yes, it can be inconvenient to keep your child home, but please do it. Please. Keep this germ ball in a place to get better, not worse while also possibly spreading it to other kiddos.

*NOTE - consult your doctor for any reason when it comes to fevers. They are the experts. This is a blog.

5. Toothbrushes, Bottles and Bottle Parts

They often get missed, but if your child has been sick, it's time to start using a new toothbrush. A toothbrush is not designed to withstand sterilization procedures, like bottles or nipples. But if your child is not using a toothbrush yet but does use a bottle, here are 7 ways to sterilize baby bottles and parts.

6. Elderberry Syrup

If you are looking for something natural that can boost immunity before getting sick, AND help after sickness arrives in your home, perhaps elderberry syrup is something you would like to look into. *NOTE: do not give to children under 1-year-old if it contains honey. If you’d like to explore making your own elderberry syrup, there are many recipes and various.

"Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, of Hadassah-Hebrew University in Israel found that elderberry disarms the enzyme viruses use to penetrate healthy cells in the lining of the nose and throat."

It can be made easily at home, but can also be purchased as a syrup or gummy!