It's 10 PM do you know where your Doula is?



Right on time, no stress… She was so quiet letting herself in you didn’t notice she arrived. You have arranged to leave the door on the latch, so she can arrive and not disrupt the flow of the evening.


You hear the whistle of the kettle in your kitchen, and, she appears, holding a fresh brewed cup of the Lactation tea, she recommended.  It smells so delicious, and she assures you that it has aided nursing mother's milk supply. You hand her your baby for burping and changing while you are able to relaxingly enjoy your tea, and ready yourself for bed.


The confidence and comfort you have knowing that your baby is in such skilled hands, immediately provides you with a sense of calm. Your doula assures you that your infant is exhausted and she will put them down for the night. She hands you the monitor, and prompts you to take a nice bath, while enjoying your tea.


About an hour later you enter the kitchen, you are instantly relieved. Your doula has cleaned and sterilized all of the bottles, the dishes from dinner are washed and put away, you can hear the laundry going, and she is at the counter preparing lunches for school tomorrow and a nice healthful snack for your husband to bring to work.


This is your favorite part of the night, the time when you get to connect with your doula. She has set up your pump, so you can prep bottles for late night feeding, giving you a chance to sleep distraction and guilt-free. While you pump and chat, you discuss the trials and milestones of the day, ask her to bust some myths you read on the baby blogs, and you seek her advice on how to navigate a conversation with your Mother-in-Law on kissing your baby’s mouth.  Her knowledge and experience always give you the empowerment to make the decisions that will best support your family.

You know you'll sleep well tonight, and every night that she's here with you in these wonder-ful new weeks and months.

You don’t need to make sacrifices in the postpartum period to provide care for your new baby. Everything is possible with support, especially the support of a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula from Maine Doulas.