Pregnant and Prepared!

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And so it begins. One, two, maybe three pregnancy tests later and they all confirm your suspicions. Congratulations YOU Are Pregnant!

Now what?  Here is a simple check list of some important to-dos that may not be priorities, but, believe us, they are important.


Knowledge is power! And an educated parent is a prepared parent. While the internet and bookstore are filled with incredible amounts of information it may all get overwhelming. Child Birth Classes are a great environment to learn and connect with peers. However, nothing is more beneficial than one on one tutoring. Schedule a birth consult with a Maternity Concierge and give yourself the gift of education and ask all the questions.  Product reviews are important when making purchases and be sure to check for product recalls regularly to assure safety.


As your family grows you may see the need for more space. Perhaps even a new location all together. There are many factors that go into choosing your family’s new home. There are resources available that provide lists ranking the most family friendly neighborhoods.


There are many ways to document your pregnancy. Several pregnancy journals are available for a wide range of prices on Amazon and Etsy or if your Crafty you can create one. Many Apps are available to help you along the way. You can track cravings, body changes, the size of your baby, funny stories, milestones including the first kick and more. These journals and apps often give helpful hints as well. Also, pregnancy brain is not a myth so make sure to write down questions as you have them so you can ask your doctor at your next appointment. 


From your baby announcement to Facebook belly bump posts a picture tells a thousand words.

Your phone has a camera, so it is a lot more convenient today to keep a photo log of your pregnancy and beyond. Belly portraits are a beautiful keepsake and another way to explore your creative side.


Before you know it nine months is over. Keep organized with a before baby and after baby check lists. They get so big so fast! It is important to make the most of every moment. Often times we can get so consumed with everything that we forget to experience this time with our babies in the world. Make a fun activity list of neighborhood newborn friendly events and destinations.

Remember at Maine Doulas we are here to support you, educate you and inspire you all along the way.