The Hunt For A New Family Tradition

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Spring is coming and so is Easter, whether you celebrate religiously or as a seasonal holiday, there are so many fun traditions to enjoy.

Traditions give us a sense of belonging, to our culture, our religion, and, our families. The customs, feasts, and rituals that are passed on from generation to generation often are our most treasured memories. Holidays are steeped in traditions and a great time to be creative and put a special twist on tried and true favorites.

Studies have proven that the practice of keeping traditions build family bonds between generations and provide a strong sense of dependability. As our families grow and mature we can implement these powerful values by reimagining and creating “New” traditions.

One classic tradition the Easter Egg Hunt can be amped up with some new ideas. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas. Here are 3 we think every bunny will love.

Glow Get Em: Flashlights and glow sticks make this Glow in The Dark Egg Hunt Awesome! Especially with the older kids. Fill your plastic eggs with glowing objects along with candy watch as their smiles will illuminate the night.

Colors Count: This concept is great to combat sibling rivalry. Maybe you have a super hunter in your crew who finds all the eggs leaving little to none for the others. Well, make sure you get the same amount of eggs in different colors and assign a color to each person. That way Everyone wins and has fun in the process.

House Hunt: Keep the fun indoors. Maybe you don’t have a yard? Or, the weather has decided not to cooperate. Don’t let that rain on your parade. There are plenty of creative places to stash your eggs inside. Coat pockets, cereal boxes, inside shoes, under pillows, in the toy box. The ideas are endless.

Fun for sure and the possibilities are endless. The more creative the hunt the sweeter the memories. Creating new traditions don’t need to just be for holidays. Every day is a chance for family togetherness. You don’t need eater eggs to have a family scavenger hunt at home.