Staying Healthy With a Bun in the Oven


Many expectant parents prioritize Mother and Baby's health above all else through out pregnancy. However, with pregnancy cravings in full swing, eating for two and tons of hormonal changes happening through out your body, staying healthy during pregnancy is no easy feat! 

We have put together a list that can help pregnant parents stay happy and healthy through out their pregnancy! 

First up is hydration. Many people know, pregnant or not, that the first step to a healthy lifestyle is staying up on your water intake. Water dilutes your urine which can prevent infections like Urinary Tract Infections and more. Water is specifically important during the last trimester because dehydration can cause contractions that can trigger preterm labor.

Next up is healthy eating. We totally sympathize with your pregnancy cravings, but your daily pint of ice cream could be doing more harm than good. Make sure when you indulge in your cravings you are also reaching your proper intake of fruits and veggies. Juicing is a great way to do this for those who aren't fond of the kitchen. You can pack tons of fresh produce into one cup! 

Last is exercise. Although pregnancy does limit ones ability to be able to hit the gym HARD, there are a variety of exercises that can help keep mom in good health. Prenatal yoga is a great start. Prenatal yoga stretches and strengthens your pelvic floor and gets your body prepared for the big day ahead. Prenatal Water Aerobics with Nancy Charlebois is amazing for many. Most other exercises are safe, so long as you don't over do it and exercise with caution. 

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