Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Babies and Toddlers

Gift Guide for babies and toddlers Maine Doulas 2018.png

Celebrating the first holidays can be so exciting with babies and toddlers in the mix. But inevitably, there are questions of what do you get a baby? If you need inspiration, or you are running out of energy and time to think of options to offer up to loved ones, here are 9 great gifts for babies and toddlers!

Burt’s Bees Snowflake Pajamas

Keep your babe warm and festive with these jammies made of organic cotton. With built in traction on the feet, it is one less thing to worry about once your crawlers become walkers.

Wooden Tree Block Set

This block set doubles as a festive decoration. While these little pieces are recommended for ages 2 and older, they are mesmerizing for kids and adults. Stacking toy and sensory toy, this small wonder is both beautiful and educational.

Wood Push Toy

For the child who has taken their first steps and is now toddling around the house in circles, these classic push toys are captivating. The more the wheels go around, the more these adorable creatures move and spin!

Melissa & Doug Sweep, Mop, and Play set

You know by now that babies and toddlers learn by watching and copying! They love to help, and giving your child the tools to help him or her feel like they are a part of the action can help them feel independent and self confident. Save a bit of your sanity, and instead of your toddler struggling to pull the full size broom around, give him the play tools that are just his size.

New Favorite Bedtime Book

A wombat may be a bit out of place in Maine, but this book has an adorable charm that will make it feel right at home. It has a predictable rhythm that your baby will enjoy, and the illustrations are simple, but detailed. This book, a cozy sleep sack, and a full belly will help your child to sleep in no time.

Pinhole Press Customized Face Books

Babies and toddlers love to look at faces. Why not make them a book of faces they’ll recognize? For family who are far away, having an image to touch and hold can make them feel near and dear. You can be as creative as you like! Pages are extra think cardboard for those with teething little ones and the binding is plastic coil. Digitally upload photos, order, and done!

Smart Wool Socks

Is it even the holidays if you don’t get socks?! Initiate your newest family member with quality socks that will keep his or her little piggies toasty warm! Soft wool and durable, these also work great in a pinch when you can’t find those tiny mittens.

Alpaca Knit Kids Hat from Etsy

Kids hats that don’t fasten under the chin are just a mystery. The most common thing kids like to do besides throw food off their high chair is throw their hats on the ground! Help keep them warm, and adorably stylish, with this alpaca knit hat. Many colors to chose from and independently made.

Sensory Board

Sometimes called a busy board, this little wonder is full of things for little fingers to manipulate. Locks, switches, bobbles, and wheels. It is just plan fun. A sensory board rewards the curious toddler with budding logic skills and satisfying results.

And if all that doesn’t work, there is always the box it came it!

Have a gift that is always a smashing hit for little ones? Leave a comment and share it with our readers!