Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Moms and Girlfriends

Gift Guide Maine Doulas 2018.png

Getting closer to the winter holidays means needing to find the right presents and tokens of appreciation. When the person you are shopping for also happens to be recovering from childbirth or is getting through those first months with a newborn, it is also the perfect time to show her you care for even more reasons!

We want to share some ideas for things we happen to love.*

1. Velvet Blouse from Boden - Velvet? With a newborn? We know. But hear us out. What we love about this is the full button front, for breastfeeding and pumping mothers, AND the glamour the shirt gives almost effortlessly. It’s easy. It’s fast. Whether it’s a family dinner or a quick date for an hour over a glass of wine. Revel in the occasion! Enjoy it!

2. Treats from Urban Sugar - Be it a hostess gift or a visit as an old friend, don’t you dare come empty-handed when there is a new baby! Urban Sugar has incredible combinations and the benefit of miniature size - which means you can try all of them!

But really, a little love in the form of a donut is always a welcome present to any new parent.

3. The Gift of a Great Book - As a book lover and once new parent, it is so hard to find time to read with growing babies in the house, let alone find time to go to the bookstore and FIND something to read in that time. If you know your lady pal is craving a good book, do her the favor of bringing one to her. We recommend The Lido.

4. Just the Right Mug - Holy cow being a parent is hard. Don’t pass up this opportunity to give your friend or partner some proof that they are all that and a bag of chips. Emily McDowell has a way with words that cut right to the quick of many situations, and this mug is no different. You are doing a f*cking great job, and we hope you know it!

5. Rose Quartz Pendant - Rose quartz is believed to be a stone for opening, healing and activating the heart chakra and intuitive centers of the body. What a lovely reminder of the way our hearts expand when new children come into our lives and how our bodies need time and healing after those babies are done spending their time in that space. We hope it helps remember that the work of parenting is not about how many books you read or experts you ask, but it is an unbelievably intuitive endeavor that needs relationship to thrive.

6. The Shirt For Thank Kind of Day - No comment necessary.

7. Winter Skin Lovin’ - H is for Love makes a fantastic face cleansing oil that is great year round, but especially great when temps get cold, and your skin could use a little extra protection and moisture. If you aren’t sure your gal is a skin-cleansing-oil type, they also have a great trial size kit with a little bit of a few things that will allow for some quality self-care right at home.

8. Elizabeth Suzann Pants - From the site, “high rise, wide leg, generous hem, and flat elastic waist.” Doesn’t it just scream, “Yes!” Being able to get out of pajamas can be a huge accomplishment for new moms, but that doesn’t mean putting on something more stressful is appealing. These are not just comfortable pants. They are a midnight linen that is perfectly paired with silk, or a chunky sweater. They flow. They give. They let life be lived while also bringing beauty to the living as well.

*We are not being compensated through pay or product to promote these items. We really just love them enough to share.