They Just Let You Leave The Hospital with a Baby?!

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So the story goes, 2 partners conceive a baby, one of the partners grows that baby in their womb and 9 months later gives birth. The day that happens, you and your partner are officially deemed 'Parents', which is likely something you both have been waiting for for a long time.

But after the excitement calms down, your family members and friends will likely give you and your new family time to bond before heading home. 

You pack the baby into the car, install the carseat safely like you've practiced a thousand times, and you're off to bring your newest family member home. THAT is where it sinks in. 

They Just Let You Leave The Hospital with a Baby?! 

So this might sound silly but trust us, it happens more than you think. Even though you've grown the baby and birthed the baby, many parents still feel unprepared for the road ahead.

We've put together this post to give expectant parents a realistic idea of what to expect when they bring baby home. 

First, let's talk about baby's digestive system. Since it is usually the first thing that catches new parents off guard. 

We'll start with gas. Babies are notoriously known for having lots of gas. Anything that causes baby to take in too much air can result in some serious gas. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby is likely to take in a bit of air while learning feeding technique of your choice resulting in some stink-age around the house. 

Then we move on to bigger and better things, poop! You may pop open a stinky diaper and find what looks to be a pile of gunky motor oil looking back at you (this is usually when parents call the doula). No reason to be alarmed, Meconium is made of amniotic fluid, mucus, skin cells, and other stuff ingested in utero. So your first few days of poop may be greenish-black, tarry and sticky. 

Many parents know that the road ahead includes some long and sleepless nights but many parents fail to realize that the days can be long and restless too. It is likely that baby keeps you up at night for feedings and changes, and it is also likely that your family, friends and loved ones want to come visit during the day. 

It can be hard to predict how frequently you will want visitors in your home until baby is actually there. 

Remember that your loved ones will understand if you need some time alone to bond with baby, or even get a few sweet moments of rest yourself. 

As pregnancy is, parenting is also one heck of a ride that can leave you feeling unprepared and/or unqualified.

If you and your partner are interested in additional support as you navigate this new transition please do not hesitate to contact us and learn about our Postpartum Doula Services.