Vocalization Nation

Luke Chesser

Trust your body and the process. 

Many women are surprised how their body acclimates to the stress of birth and all the simple strategies that encourage a more empowered birth experience.

Vocalization is a powerful strategy that helps many women self soothe and transition their body through sensations or contractions. First time mothers tend to associate making noise during birth with losing control, when really vocalization harnesses a ton of power within! 

What does vocalization mean?

While in labor, your body naturally wants to produce sound in response to the intensity of each contraction. The pitch in these sounds are the key to transforming this natural urge into a useful comfort measure. The higher pitched yells actually trigger our muscles to tense, causing more discomfort and stress. Lowering the tone of your voice into a controlled mantra-like repetition can help ease your baby along and relax your pelvic muscles through contractions. 

These sounds are different for everyone because no two birthing mothers are exactly the same. In early labor, lower and slower vocalization techniques help the body relax and open while the sounds in active labor are often more intense and loud while still being deep and within. 

So much more than sound. 

These low sounds and vibrations create a physiologic connection between the vocal cords, the respiratory diaphragm, and the pelvic floor. Vibrations from these low vowel sounds help your body relax and keep you feeling in control of your body through each contraction.

Let your doula be your guide. 

Your doula is there to guide you through the process and encourage these natural sounds to manifest. She can help you take those sounds that are instinctual and help you harness them into something truly powerful as you progress through every phase of birth.

More often than not, a noisy birth is a happier birth! 

Vocalization techniques allow parents to feel more confident along the way and vocal coaching can help partners feel more engaged in the process. Don't be afraid to make noises which feel comforting, soothing, encouraging and more.

When you take control of your body and trust in yourself, your strength, your partner and your baby, you'll unleash strengths you didn't know you had. 

Photo Credit: Luke Cheser