What Does Non-Judgemental Really Mean?

Tim Graf

Taking the first steps to growing your family begins a whole new journey of choices, decisions, preferences and opinions.

One of the bigger challenges to navigate along the way is unsolicited advice and judgement of their parenting preferences for birth and postpartum. When you have total strangers giving you their two cents about the way you're choosing to parent, there's definitely no room for judgement from your birth and postpartum team.

But what does judgement-free really mean?

Having a doula by your side every step along the way means you have an extra layer of defense to arm you against judgement as you settle into your new role as a parent. 

To understand it better, your doula is quite literally an acronym for the way our support creates a more confident and affirmed birth and postpartum experience.

D O U L A.

Different Choices

Doulas aren't just there to support, they also educate. Many parents are unsure about what options and resources are available for their child's birth. It can seem overwhelming to organize a birth plan that includes a little bit of everything but your doula is there to help. Doulas use their experience and training to help parents navigate the options that are right for them without the stress of judgement or bias. 

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes and your doula is your guide as you find your way. Doulas help new parents overcome different obstacles without implementing biases or judgement on the way you choose to parent. You know what is best for your baby and a doula is there to help you overcome the obstacles lying in the way of your parenting goals. 


Birth and postpartum can be confusing and it's your doula's job to help you understand the process and make informed decisions. Understanding is also the way your doula empowers you to change your mind. Nothing is ever set in stone and your doula is understanding and compassionate of your power to take a different path or direction. You aren't a bad parent if you change your mind, you're just finding what fits you best!


Having a baby is a learning experience. Not just for you, but your doula too! They take the time to learn about your family and it's preferences, culture and ideals before you deliver to ensure that you're feeling as comfortable and confident as possible. Taking the time to learn each client's story and creating a foundation of trust between the doula and birthing parents is the cornerstone of a non-judgemental birth experience.


Doulas keeps the laboring mother in control with affirmations that sync with her body as it transitions through the different phases of birth. Affirmations help parents become comfortable with the space and feeling confident that they're on the right track. Affirmations activate the body and promote a swifter and more comfortable labor experience. These affirmations and comfort measures are a reflection of the needs and preferences of the parents.

Your birth is yours.

Welcoming your new addition is the next big step in your lives and it's through the comprehensive support that a doula provides that fills in the gaps and empowers parents as they acclimate to their new roles. Doulas aren't there to judge your choices, put you down or disagree with the decisions you make for your birth.

Your doula is the foundation that holds you up at your weakest and assures you that you CAN do this and you're doing an amazing job already and the journey has just begun!

Photo Credit: Tim Graf