Keep Your Cool Series: Beat that Heat, Baby!

Summer can be a real scorcher. 

Even up in Maine, summers get hot and staying safe in the sun is still a big priority for families of all ages. Whether you're pregnant or navigating the summer with your newborn, it can be tough to beat the summer time heat and still enjoy the season. 

We put together a go-to guide for new moms and moms-to-be looking for some easy ways to stay cool and comfortable while enjoying the summer sunshine. 

Keeping Your Pregnancy Cool

If you've got a bun in the oven, summer heat can feel unbearable. Those last few weeks of your pregnancy can leave you fatigued and it becomes more difficult to regulate your body temperature. If you're pregnant, you are more susceptible to heat stroke and sunburn. 

Dress in flowy, loose and breathable fabrics that help you feel the summer breeze without weighing you down. Staying hydrated can help your body resist fatigue and keep you in control of your body temperature. Swimming can be another awesome way to relieve some muscle aches and help you cool off quickly. 

Keep Baby Cool

Little ones can't tell you when they're feeling overwhelmed in the summer sun. If you're spending a summer excursion with your baby, avoiding full sun and mid-day heat is the best way to keep them safe from harsh UV rays

When using a stroller or baby carrier, sport towels can help you keep their body temperature down and protect them from becoming sweaty. These towels are great because they can be rehydrated easily and maintain a constant cool temperature without having to refrigerate them.

Babies can also become dehydrated on a hot summer day. If you're formula feeding, keep an eye on the frequency of wet diapers and periodically give your baby cooled boiled water. If they're eating solid foods, frozen yogurts and fruits can also help them stay refreshed and hydrated on a hot summer day. 

Keep your cool!

Pregnant moms and new babies might not be cut out for the summer time, but that doesn't have to stop you from enjoying the sunshine. It's okay to spend time outside, but taking plenty of breaks to rest indoors with fans or air conditioning will keep you safe as we break the hottest month of the summer.