Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

It's International Yoga Day! 

For many people, it's yoga day everyday. 

Yoga is an incredible exercise and it's often looked over as a powerful way to engage your muscles, help you slim down and manage stress

During pregnancy and birth, stress management is important and a yoga routine can help expectant women control their breathing and be more in control of their body. Breathing techniques are important especially during birth to support women through contractions and encourage a more comfortable and confident labor experience. 

Yoga positions utilize your body's full range of motion to balance your body's energy on core muscles, keeping you feeling refreshed while staying lean and toned. Some positions and yoga techniques take strain off your back, neck and hips which make them helpful in late stage pregnancy or to be more comfortable during contractions. 

By incorporating yoga into your daily routine while you're pregnant, it can improve your flexibility and blood flow. Improved flexibility can help open your pelvic floor and encourage your baby to assume a safe position for birth. 

Whether you're new, intermediate or an advanced yogi, there's always something new to challenge your body. 

Yoga is a gentle alternative to exercises that may be harsh on sore joints and is easy to do in the comfort of your own home. There's some yoga positions you can even do in bed before you fall asleep or first thing in the morning to help your body relax. 

This healthy habit doesn't have to stop at your baby's birth.

Postpartum yoga can help new mothers regain strength in their pelvic floor muscles and even encourage their uterus to shrink back down to it's pre-baby shape and size. 

Give yoga a try and celebrate an easy and rewarding change to your lifestyle to keep you feeling calm, relaxed and healthy at any stage of mommy-hood.