Placenta Encapsulation: You Want Me to Eat What?!

Postpartum recovery isn't always an easy road, luckily there's options available to make the transition easier. 

Placenta encapsulation offers mothers control of their postpartum experience, with a long list of physical and emotional benefits. Although encapsulation seems to be a new concept in the modern birth world, placenta benefits for recovery is anything but a new discovery.

In various countries around the world, placenta is a ceremonial part of the childbirth experience and consumed by the mother to balance her body after birth. 

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Although research supporting it's benefits has only begun to emerge, many of the postpartum placenta benefits are attributed to the experiences of the families that have used their capsules as a powerful resource for recovery. During the first few weeks, your body is slowly making it's recovery and the vitamins, minerals and hormones present in your capsules can help guide your body to a shorter recovery time frame. 

Umbilical Cord heart memento

Umbilical Cord heart memento

Emotional Support

Some of the most notable benefits of encapsulation is it's ability to increase your body's oxytocin levels to help you bond with your baby. Along with oxytocin, your body makes more CRH to help banish stress and make your postpartum transition home easier. 

With the added emotional support of your encapsulation routine, it dramatically reduces the risks of postpartum depression and anxiety. Mothers who encapsulate often feel more confident throughout their postpartum journey and second time mothers that may have experienced PPD with their first child are often encouraged to encapsulate as a holistic alternative to medications and other chemical interventions. 

Placenta tinctures and capsules can help restore the emotional balance that many women need to feel more secure and empowered as they heal and begin their chapter as a new mom.

Placenta Encapsulation for Breastfeeding 

Encapsulation can also provide some amazing physical support for your postpartum body too.

Alongside an improved bonding experience between mom and baby, placenta encapsulation can also help women meet their breastfeeding goals. Some women experience more comfortable breastfeeding and increases in milk production in the first few weeks postpartum. Your placenta is also a powerhouse of nutrients and can provide some of the minerals lost during birth and as you breastfeed like iron levels in the blood.

The Maine Doulas postpartum placenta specialists are raising the bar for placenta encapsulation.

Safety and quality are at the forefront of our placenta encapsulation services, with our specialists trained and certified regularly to provide the best care for your family. If you or a loved one is interested in placenta encapsulation or are looking for more information about it's benefits or process, our trained postpartum specialists are there to consult with you and walk you through this incredible resource for your postpartum recovery.