Grandparent University: Taking Parenting Out of Retirement

What's more exciting than becoming a new parent? 

Becoming a grandparent of course!

In most cases, grandparents-to-be are just as nervous to welcome a new baby into the family as the parents are and they want everything to be just right for the big day. Some grandparents wish to be more involved than others and since it's been a while since they delivered their last baby, standards in the birth world have probably made some changes since. 

Whether they'll admit it right away or not, grandparents are usually hard at work preparing for the arrival of their new grandchild and we have some resources just for them. 

Arm your parents with your birth plan and parenting preferences and we'll do all the work getting them up to speed with the modern resources, research and trends they need to know.

Grandparent Prep

Our Grandparent Prep course fills in all the blanks and helps your parents feel confident as they anxiously await their exciting new chapter as grandparents. Aside from learning about all the new trends, gadgets and standards, expectant grandparents will learn how to offer postpartum support and accommodate the needs of the parents to be. 

The prep class helps grandparents learn feeding support techniques, baby care basics and even up to date baby safety precautions like car seats and SIDS prevention. Baby care changes dramatically with each generation and preparation courses help your parents understand these changes and feel up to speed with their role and expectations for birth and postpartum. 

Private Classes

If your parents prefer a more one-on-one experience, our educators offer the grandparent curriculum as a private session by request. At home, your parents feel comfortable being in their own space and can even get some helpful tips about baby-proofing their home. Private classes allow expectant grandparents to ask questions freely and discuss any concerns without judgement. Private courses can also be helpful when accommodating a busy schedule for you or your parents. If you're the mom to be and planning on attending, you can be comfortable in your own space and don't have to worry about getting out to attend a group session. This can be particularly convenient for late stage pregnancies that have been prescribed bed rest.

Family can be a powerful tool for healing, comfort and reassurance. 

Whether you're just breaking the big news or counting down to the big day, it's important to empower your parents to help them feel involved and up to date as they navigate this new chapter. Communication is key and with our Grandparent Prep course, your parents can be up to date and refreshed on all things modern baby and leaving them ready to respect your birth and postpartum decisions.