Partner Support

There's a saying that it takes a village to raise a child. 

It also takes a team for a child to be born. Childbirth is a cooperative effort and can be just as overwhelming for the partner as it is for the mother in labor. Partner support during labor and postpartum is just as important. 

Doulas bring compassionate care to the whole family, not just the newborn or the new mom which can be a huge relief to their partner. The more supported your other half feels during pregnancy, labor and postpartum, the more equipped they'll be to transition into their new responsibilities as a parent. And the easier it will be for the birthing parent to relax, knowing their partner is being care for as well.

It's a common misconception that a doula is there to replace the support of a partner during childbirth, and that couldn't be further from the truth. 

In the hospital, home or birth center, a labor doula can actually bring a couple closer together. Every couple has their own comfort levels when it comes to participation. Some partners feel more comfortable being actively engaged as the main source of comfort while others prefer to be witness and take a back seat along the way. The doula fills the gaps, ensuring that the mother in labor is getting the support she needs in any capacity. 

If your significant other is taking more initiative with emotional support, your doula can run errands, act as the communicator with medical personnel or help coach them through comfort measure exercises.  A doula simply offers comfort, care and attentiveness to provide a couple with the most rewarding birth experience possible, with attention to every detail. 

Non Judgmental Support

Your partner is the person in the room that knows you the best, and your doula isn't trying to compete with that bond or connection. 

Every birth is different and with doulas, there's no room for bias. No matter what decisions you and your partner make for your birth or parenting philosophy, you'll always have non judgmental support by your side. A couple gets enough unsolicited advice while expecting their first baby, they don't need any during birth or as they transition home with their little one. 

Huge Relief

We hear all the time from the partner of a woman in labor that they're relieved to see us arrive at the hospital. It can be overwhelming to manage all of the decisions, comfort the mother and not have a panic attack all at once. Don't worry, we've got your back from start to finish

To keep things running smoothly as your baby makes their big arrival, the whole team needs to work together. 

We're there to make sure that harmony happens.