First Date After Baby

Dating isn't dead just because you're married or have a new baby.

As we celebrate Valentine's Day and the month of love, we're taking the opportunity to show our sweethearts some appreciation. A new baby can leave your spark feeling completely extinguished and some romantic time alone with your other half is well overdue. 

Even super mom needs a break every now and again. 

Orchestrating a night out away from the kids or your new baby isn't selfish, it's self care. So call up some friends or family to babysit your precious little and get out and relax with your love. 

Dress to Impress

The new mom wardrobe revolves around baggy t-shirts and yoga pants, so why not treat yourself to a little jazzing up. Take a trip to the salon to refresh your color or get a quick blowout or just add a few curls at home yourself. Wear the dress you've been too scared to look at in the back of your closet and heels you already can't wait to kick off. Getting dressed up feels good and can give you a boost of confidence that will get you excited for your date night out and about on the town. 

Exchange Gifts

What kind of Valentine's Day date would it be without a little gift exchange. Talk to your sweetheart about treating each other to a little something special for all the teamwork you've been doing the past few weeks. No need to get extravagant, just choose a little something you know will make your date a little extra special. Don't compromise comfort to get classy, but a little extra effort will go a long way when it comes to boosting your mood. 

Local Date Night Spots in Portland

We're lucky to have such amazing restaurants, bistros and events in Portland. If you're looking for some of the best hospitality and creative meals, head to the Central Provisions. If you and your other half have a fancier evening in mind, Emilitsa has authentic Greek specialties that are absolutely breathtaking. Are you craving a stunning view of beautiful Maine as much as a fancy night out? Outliers Eatery has a gorgeous contemporary bar atmosphere overlooking South Portland and Casco Bay. Not to mention their menu is outstanding. 


Keep Your Phones In the Car

Nothing kills the mood quite like watching your date scroll through Facebook. However, with a new baby back home it's still important you're not unreachable in case of emergency. Before you leave home, make sure your babysitter has the address and phone number of your restaurant. They'll be able to contact you in case something goes wrong. After all, that's what our parents did before cell phones. 

Going on a romantic night out will give you the chance to unwind and spend some valuable quality time with the one you love.