Vocalization Nation Part Two

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Vocalization is an absolutely incredible soothing technique. 

Our senses are powerful and to be a brand new baby, the world must be overwhelming with all the new experiences put on their plate. While they might be overwhelmed, these senses can also be engaged to help comfort your baby during times of stress or discomfort. 

How does the power of sound help heal?

Vocalization takes on a few different roles in the birth and postpartum process. As a laboring mother, vocalization helps comfort through contractions as she makes low, single toned noises. Newborns and infants experiment with different sounds at different developmental phases. 

Vocalization can also be a way for parents to soothe their little ones when they're being fussy. Vocalization is a deeper and steadier than a traditional lullaby. Parents can make a low sound like "ohm" that continues on the same, constant frequency and it will redirect their attention to the sound you're making rather than what is upsetting them. 

One father's ohm chant is making a splash on parenting forums and social media feeds across the country.

Motivational speaker, religious retreat facilitator Daniel Eisenman is a dad making vocalization history with his incredible videos of him "ohm" soothing his little girl. In the video you'll see her crying and his smiling face looking back and ohm chanting to calm her and it works! Almost like magic, this little one calms down quickly into a peaceful trance. 

The effectiveness of this sound therapy lies with the vibration of the deep sound and the steadiness of the sound itself. These vocalization sounds are similar to the chants used in the delivery room during labor. 

Do these sounds work?

You be the judge! If you've utilized vocalization to comfort yourself through labor, try using these low and concentrated sounds while holding your baby skin to skin as they cry. 

Every baby is different and when you experiment with different sounds and vibrations, you can find the right combination that relaxes them. Sound and touch are truly our most powerful senses and they happen to be that way from the very beginning.