Feeling Back-Burner After Baby


During your pregnancy, it's all about you.

People are constantly worried about you, your comfort and seem to be aware of your every need. When it comes time for your baby to arrive, that all changes pretty quickly. 

The focus shifts instantly away from the needs of the mother and all support is projected onto the baby. What many mothers aren't prepared for is the absence of the support and care they need to heal and recover. Your baby looks fragile, but it's really you that needs some extra help.

This absence of attention or support can really put a damper on a new mother's emotional well-being. 

While you're pregnant, you're tripping over all the people trying to help you or make you comfortable and now it's a lonely ghost town these days. Your baby is in the spotlight and as much as you're happy that people are swooning over your newborn, you can't help but wish you could get some attention yourself. It can feel defeating. You did all this hard work giving birth and now it feels like you're on your own to recover. 

You're not alone! 

This feeling is more common than you'd think. It's easy to internalize these feelings because of how silly or selfish they sound in your head, but speaking your mind is important once baby arrives. This is still your show and when you tell family, friends and your partner how you're feeling you can be on your way to feeling more supported and confident.

This falls in the realm of the baby blues and if it's left to develop, it can manifest into something more serious like postpartum depression or anxiety. 

Chances are, your family and your partner don't know you're feeling this way but it doesn't make it any less important. 

The postpartum emotional recovery is just as important as the physical recovery. You wouldn't take your postpartum recovery into your own hands, so why navigate all these emotions on your own? You aren't on the back burner now that your baby is here, you just need to remind people that you still need support and a helping hand.

Set your standards and set them high. 

Don't hesitate to feel empowered in the days ahead to speak your mind and seek the support that you deserve.