Benefits of In Home Placenta Encapsulation

The popularity of placenta encapsulation is a growing postpartum trend in Western culture and the bar is being raised.

Cultural Significance and Benefits

Consuming your placenta? It sounds intimidating or bizarre, however consuming placenta has been practiced in many cultures across the world for a long list of health benefits during a mother’s postpartum recovery.

While the physical consumption of placenta has a long history, modern practices have streamlined and perfected the process making it a safer experience. Placenta encapsulation is the breakdown of a placenta into a supplement capsule and ingested throughout the postpartum period to assist in postpartum recovery.

Improved emotional and physical health including hormone balance, improved lactation, and bonding with baby are just some of the many pros to consuming your placenta. Ingesting placenta can even encourage a postpartum mother's uterus to shrink down to it's original size

Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum Depression

Trustworthy placenta encapsulation specialists are regularly certified in the safe handling and processing of the placenta organ and can communicate health benefits while the encapsulation is taking place.

Because the placenta is such an amazing powerhouse of hormones, consuming placenta improves mood with the production of oxytocin in a mother’s body. This improves the way mom and baby are able to bond and keeps postpartum blues, anxiety and depression at bay with this “happy chemical.” Women report feeling overall more calm, relaxed and able to manage postpartum milestones like weaning without the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies these developmental stages.  


In ProDoula certification training, specialists raise the standard to exclusively processing capsules in the homes of clients.

Does every placenta prep organization work out of clients’ homes?

Unfortunately in home encapsulation isn’t everyone’s standard and this poses serious health risks and concerns for the families receiving this service. Many encapsulators use resources at their own homes and the storage of their client's placenta is in their residential refrigerator. 

Why in home encapsulation?

The process of a human placenta is a sensitive project that requires an expertly sterilized environment and an education in blood borne pathogens. 

When you have your placenta processed in your own home, you are in control of the cleanliness of the space and the storage of your placenta from start to finish. Clients can watch their specialist as they go step by step through the process and answer any questions they may have along the way. In-home PPS removes any dangers of cut corners and unsafe handling. 

Our Team of Placenta Specialists

Maine Doulas are setting out to change the way our culture perceives placenta encapsulation and raise awareness and focus to the safe handling and procedure of placenta in the homes of our postpartum clients. 

Placenta should be held to the same standard as meat products and handlers should be holding each client's experience to an impeccably high standard. When you are working with our professional PPS team, you can lead into your encapsulation feeling confident that you are gaining some of the most powerful postpartum recovery supplements for new moms trying to recover after they bring home baby.