A Week of No School With a Baby and Toddler

Having a toddler and a new baby at the same time has a laundry list of challenges. 

Several hours of school during the day keeps your toddler occupied and lets you manage housework and baby care without being completely overwhelmed.

Until school is closed over an extended holiday break. 

Cue dramatic and ominous music. 

Getting used to the school routine, it is a terrifying thought that you'll have to entertain a toddler with cabin fever while trying to balance everything else on your plate. 

It's bittersweet because you miss your tiny tot all day while they're at school, but it's so stressful to find the balance to get everything done on your own and still feel sane at the end of the day. 

Don't panic, it'll be okay.

Your postpartum doula is a big help while your little one is home on a holiday break. She can take over newborn care throughout the day while you give your toddler a little more attention. She can help take care of them too, fixing snacks and reading them a story while mom and baby are taking a much needed nap. 

Get a bag of tricks together. 

Have a survival kit ready for the big holiday vacation. Fill a tote with plenty of "rainy day" activities like puzzles, coloring books, and crafts. For your own sanity, keep the crafts mess-free wherever possible. Use the tote as a reward for good behavior if your little one is getting particularly fussy during their vacation. 

Keep them on schedule wherever possible. 

Kids love predictability, believe it or not. Wake them up at the time they usually get up for school and keep their day on schedule to avoid shocking their systems with a few days of freedom. If you aren't sure what the class schedule looks like during the week, ask the teacher! Give your toddler snacks, story time, and naps at a predictable time during the day. This will be a huge weight off your shoulders and your toddler will have an easier time transitioning into their week long break. 

Call in reinforcements!

Your household isn't likely the only one in your family to be home from school, chances are you have some relatives feeling cooped up in the house for the week. Call up some relatives to spend the night and help you keep your toddler entertained while you get a little extra help with your baby care. A trip to grandmas can even be a fun trip for your little one while you get the opportunity to straighten up the house for your holiday get together. 

Head into the vacation break with confidence!

You got this. 

Armed with some helping hands, some activities and a strategy will take the stress out of your toddler's holiday break.