Topics you may want to cover:

  • Assistance with the preparation of a Birth Plan/Wishes/Goals
  • Must haves for the nursery and home
  • Going past the "due date"? What does that look like & how can you help your body prepare? 
  • Planning a VBAC? What does labor look like in that circumstance? What questions do you need to ask to be fully supported by your providers?
  • Laboring at home? Waiting as long as possible? Waiting too long? What's right for me? The 5-1-1 rule? 
  • What's a rehydrating drink I can have regardless of my situation?
  • What to expect arriving at the hospital. Triage vs. being admitted. Parking.
  • What do I want to make sure I know about my hospital?
  • When does my Dr./OB/Midwife arrive during labor? Pushing? Transition? Earlier? When would doulas typical arrive? 
  • What are some (preventable) causes for couples choosing medical support instead of following through on their plans to birth naturally?
  • Baby Procedures - what are they and how do we decide about them?
  • What does a cesarean look like? How can you stay participatory when plans change? How can you be involved in a planned cesarean?
  • Creating space for your partner to have their own experience.
  • It's become traditional for a parent to cut the cord. Is there anything special you should know about this in advance? 
  • Spontaneous, unmedicated labor and natural birth. What does that look like?
  • Inductions: How can you still include your wishes for labor and merge with medical tools/support, assistance?
  • Immediate skin-to-skin after birth? Why? What does this look like? How do you encourage this as soon as possible after birth?
  • How do you integrate your pets? Your parents? Your older child(ren)?
  • And many more. 


There are three levels of maternity concierge care, ranging from one personalized in-home session to multiple sessions and 24/7 on-call support.